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Dirt is an abrasive and every time you walk on a carpet you grind the dirt further and further in, so do not put it off. Call us today to request your free carpet cleaning quote.

Eliminate Trapped Polutants

Quick Drying Times

Prolongs Life

Prevents Diseases & Allergies

Fresher Looking

Better Air Quality

Removes Dust Mites

  • Removes Mold

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners in Leeds & Bradford

You don’t realise just how important carpets are until the life drains, smelly odours become entrenched and grime begins to build but don’t panic we can help restore your carpets to past glories.

Like most professional carpet cleaning companies in Leeds and Bradford Cleaning Hero uses Hot Water Extraction to clean your carpets, this is the method of pumping hot water into the carpets and then extracting the water via our professional commercial carpet cleaning machines.

Before and after getting your carpets cleaned by Cleaning Hero, using our Karcher Hot Water Extraction commercial portable machines.


Studies have shown us that hot water extraction carpet cleaning is the best for all carpet and upholstery types. It leaves minimal residue and therefore will result in the lowest amount of re-soiling, most carpet manufacturers recommend you get your carpets cleaned every 6 months although this varies depending on your circumstances.

In this current economic climate many people will try cleaning it themselves. When people decide to clean carpets themselves it usually results in a bigger mess or simply masks the problem, unlike domestic carpet cleaning machines, our professional carpet cleaners will lift dirt deep down, the improvement will be clearly visible.

At Cleaning Hero we have a number of professional carpet and upholstery cleaners in Leeds and Bradford, our popularity throughout the local area is not down to our affordable prices but simply our professionalism, hard work and of course results.

We provide both domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services throughout West Yorkshire, get your free carpet cleaning quote today.

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"Cleaning Hero have been cleaning our offices for almost 5 years, that in itself says everything you need to know."

Alex Depree

" I hired Cleaning Hero to clean our carpets throughout the building, they did a great job and I would recommend them highly. "

Asim Ashrar

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